Bhakta Fey’yin

Scout seeking adventure


Str 14 Dex 19 Con 13 Int 14 Wis 17 Cha 10

HP 25

Fort 13 Refx 17 Will 16


Bhakta Fey’yin was born, raised and, until recently, made his home on the metropolitan planet of Bothawui. As with most Bothans, his family (Fey) and clan (Yin) have close associations with the Spynet and are entrenched in The Way. Known as The Bothan Way to non-natives, this ancient and guiding philosophy of the Bothan people states that individual political and economic successes are placed above all else as well as the advancement of the Bothan species above others. Although this could be seen as quite assertive, patriotic and noble, this attitude has been seen as selfish, untrustworthy and racist and has led to a tremendous amount of backstabbing and sabotage with allies, clans and even within families. These negative views have weighed heavily on Bhakta as he has been exposed to much of the internal bickering through the family business and has grown quite frustrated with this self righteous and paranoid lifestyle. Being exceptionally agile and fairly perceptive with an insatiable curiosity and wanderlust as a youngster, he had schooled in the ways of a scout and explorer and picked up skills in piloting, stealth and some galactic lore with dreams of a better life. Bhakta has now just reached his Khayyami, the age after basic skill training has been completed and a young Bothan is about to enter adulthood in their chosen field where they take a journey to find oneself and prepare for their life ahead. With the recent news of curious discoveries on an Ithorian science station a few systems away, Bhakta sees this as an excellent opportunity to gather information, see how other species live and to leave the madness of his home world behind. With equipment having been purchased and passage on the next shuttle secured, Bhakta makes his way through the causeways of Ward Two towards the nearby space port.

Bhakta Fey’yin

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