(from Todd’s email) In this time line, or at least, in my version of the time line, the empire is pretty strong and it has made it’s prescence known throughout the galaxy and has essentially taken over the lives of many of it’s citizens. the empire is also steadfastly prejudice against nonhuman aliens, and there might be some variability system-to-system, but in general the aliens that most closely resemble humans (zabrak, twi’lek) are least prejudiced against, while the most inhuman looking aliens (ithorians, etc) are most prejudiced against, and many aliens are currently slaves (mon calamari, wookiees, etc). that’s not to say you can’t be a mon calamari if you want, it’s just that your characters background history might need to reflect how your particular character isn’t on some slave vessel or mining spice in kessel. for nonhuman aliens, on the core systems or mid-rim, you can kind of expect to be harrassed or outright arrested by the police or imperial troops, and for most of the planets in those areas, the planetary governments have been replaced by imperial governors or like vichi governments which are completely strong armed by imperial bureaucrats. these kinds of direct medelling taper off quite a bit for the outer rim territories, especially for “out of the way” systems like Rinn.

for the purposes of this campaign, Rinn has two space stations orbiting it. the first station that was built over this planet was built by a private mining corporation. this corporation isn’t large enough to be nationalized by the empire, and it also hasn’t been drawn into the mining guild. this mining corporation has a lot of interests on Rinn in the form of mineral mining outposts, and these minerals are stripped out of Rinn and then sent up to the station, where huge mineral freighters take the cargo off-system. independent of these miners, ithorian scientists moved in recently and set up a science outpost.

all of you will be headed to this ithorian science outpost for one reason or another (we should chat). i think i’m going to have jmc and kt start off on the science outpost and the rest of you will be on a transport headed there (unless we work something else out). the ithorians are really interested in a new species of fern they’ve discovered on the planet, and they aren’t necessarily completely on good terms with the miners.

the system that Rinn is in has a single yellow star which is surrounded by a purpleish/bluish/greenish nebula. outside of Rinn’s orbit is an asteroid field. there are three other planets in this system, all of them terrestrial, and all of them devoid of life and an atmosphere.

Rinn Job

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