Guano Taun Ma

A chadra-fan tech-scoundrel whose connection to the force makes him a zengineer.


Scoundrel 1


Guano Taun Ma started life on his home planet Chad, but after a tsunami destroyed his village, Empire slavers captured and sold him to the Hutt Syndicate. For years he was kept a slave, excelling at mechanical construction and learning to sneak food and materials to his family. He looked upon his slavery positively, as a part of a great journey that his life had taken, away from the poverty and disasters on Chad. These Hutts eventually sold Guano to a mysterious man called Molt Pabble. Pabble revealed that he was a former Jedi, who was in training when Order 66 destroyed his order. Pabble took it upon himself to gather “sensitives,” beings like Guano who had a connection to the force.

While with Pabble, Guano barely had time to test his abilities. In order to escape the ever-pursuing agents of the Empire, Pabble sent Guano and another student to the outer rim planet of Rinn, to escape their detection and resume training peacefully. Guano knows very little of the Jedi, but he hopes to use his growing powers to enhance his mechanical aptitude, so he can use this strange energy to build constructs that no one in the universe has ever imagined.

Guano Taun Ma

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